Friday, February 20, 2009

100 Things About Me (1-25)

1. I was born in Miami, FL and have lived here my entire life, with the exception of the 4 years I spent in Tallahassee for college.

2. My favorite colors are purple, indigo and black.

3. "I love the bread aisle because it smells like bread" - I actually said that once. True story.

4. I have a younger sister who everyone thinks is the older sister.

5. I love my cat as if he were my child. Some people get it, some people think I'm nuts.

6. I must smell a cup before I use it for drinking. If I'm at someone else's house I still try and do it discretely. Its just a weird thing I do.

7. I have always been fascinated by the idea of vampires. I have been a vampire for halloween about 10 times, at least. This whole Twilight phenomenon has really intensified it for me lately.

8. I have a few places that absolutely can NOT be touched on my body or I will gag. Those who know me well know where these places are and they know better then to try and touch them!

9. I absolutely love the band Rush. Always have since I was about 3. And Styx, too. Thanks Mom :)

10. I'm a total Mac (Apple) fanboy (girl?). I am obsessed with all things Mac, and I especially love their white polycarbonate items, like my brand new 3G iPhone. If I could design my whole house around Mac products I would. I'm that obsessed.

11. I'm a total beer girl. I don't care so much for wine or liquor. Give me some good beer, good friends and some good tunes and I'm set for the night.

12. I can't imagine my life without music in it. Music is everything. I always have music on or am learning about new music or making music or something, as long as it has to do with music.

13. I have always dreamed of being an archeologist or paleontologist. There is something about dinosaurs that just absolutely fascinates me. My favorite dino is the pterodactyl.

14. I have never been out of the country. Unless you count that weekend trip to Aruba in the 10th grade.

15. I love dancing. I can, have and will dance for hours on end. I took ballet, tap and jazz for years as a kid. I can't go out to a place where there's music playing and NOT dance.

16. My most coveted/favorte car is a VW R32 in blue. I'd take a GTI though if I had to.

17. I am a huge geek. I love computers, technology, science and everything related. I spend hours every day on a computer (it's my job) and I am wicked good at researching things on the internet.

18. I tend to find animals more interesting then people.

19. I've lived in Miami most of my life and I don't speak spanish. This is mindboggling to some people but not to me.

20. I have a huge family. You probably have met or know one of my family members.

21. I hate talking on the phone and avoid it if at all possible. I hate the possibility of awkward silences or not having anything to talk about. I can text my ass off though and have been known to have huge phone bills due to texting overages. :)

22. I used to want a motorcycle but not anymore. My father was in a serious motorcycle accident not too long ago and it has really opened up my eyes to how dangerous they can be.

23. I have a thing for robots. Oh, and pirates too.

24. I'm currently in a state of limbo and I don't like it :(

25. I'm new to this whole blogging thing and I'm still trying to get a "feel" for it.

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