Thursday, March 26, 2009

Relativity speaking...

My friends are super nerds, but that's why I love them.

bizarrelos (11:21:49 AM): hey, so i heard back from the relativity guyu
bizarrelos (11:22:15 AM): he's pretty enthusiastic about my coming, it turns out
vidavox (11:22:35 AM): COOL
bizarrelos (11:22:36 AM): so it looks like i'll be studying general relativity
bizarrelos (11:22:37 AM): yeah
bizarrelos (11:22:41 AM): me so happy
vidavox (11:22:57 AM): study specific relativity
bizarrelos (11:23:15 AM): totallballs
vidavox (11:23:37 AM): or non descript reality
bizarrelos (11:23:42 AM): in particular, he studies, among other things, the "shape"/geometry of black holes
bizarrelos (11:23:48 AM): how cool is that?
bizarrelos (11:23:50 AM): very cool
vidavox (11:23:57 AM): they are round need to study
bizarrelos (11:24:10 AM): apparently they're pretty complicated
vidavox (11:24:15 AM): LIES
bizarrelos (11:24:40 AM): but i'll tell him about your theory
vidavox (11:25:13 AM): i would imagine the mass of every object orbiting them affects there shape at all times...even though it's mass is so great you'd think it would be unaffected
bizarrelos (11:25:41 AM): i'm pretty sure you're quite right about all of that
bizarrelos (11:25:53 AM): including that the effects of surrounding bodies can be neglected
bizarrelos (11:26:05 AM): but, what about two black holes next to each other?
vidavox (11:26:11 AM): that's dangerous
bizarrelos (11:26:12 AM): then you're in a sexy situation
vidavox (11:26:27 AM): black holes eating black holes...sounds like a gross pron
bizarrelos (11:26:42 AM): Einstein's wackin it in his grave

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