Friday, August 7, 2009

Things I'm loving right now...

The idea behind the 1/2 Project:

Some highlights of this project:
• When a customer purchases a 1/2 PROJECT beverage paying the same full price for half the stuff, the person gives away the other half to others who receive the monetary value of the half.
• Since the 1/2 PROJECT uses the half of total sales for reproducing the product and the other half for donations to NGOs, it does not require additional cost for operations. In the process of producing the half bottles, 1/2 PROJECT packs, delivers and sells them through a charity contract after paying the existing companies for the beverage content.
• The half of the total sales of the project is donated to NGOs and used for 7 types of help which are selected by consumers when they purchase the beverages.
• The opposite round surface of the bottle includes the name of brands participating in the 1/2 PROJECT.
• If the full original price of a whole bottle is USD2, there will be some quick facts showing that what kind of actions is possible by using the donated USD1.

1. Vaccine: You saved 10 children from measles today.
2. HIV: You saved 3 AIDS patients today.
3. Water: You provided clean drinking water to 40 people today.
4. Education: You just provided basic education supplies to 2 children.
5. Food: You saved 3 children from malnutrition today.
6. Sanitary: You just contributed 5% to a USD20 latrine for better hygiene.
7. Apparel: You just presented clean clothes to a child.
via Yanko Design

These prints from artist Shannon Bonatakis:

"I Love You"

via Rivet Designer Toy & Art Gallery

Someday I'd like to live in a tree...


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